Goodbye Italy: We’re Happily Back In The USA

Goodbye Italy: We’re Happily Back In The USA

Our adventure back to the USA began on September 16th, 2022. Well, it started long before then but us physically leaving the country was on this chosen day.

The previous night we dropped our luggage off at the airport and headed to my husband’s work building to hang out till the wee hours of the morning, before heading to check in at the airport. It honestly was a bit of a clusterfuck from the beginning.

Forced To Wear Masks On Our Flights Back To The USA

We were hours behind the schedule they told us to start off which through the rest of the day off. Mind you we had to book the hotel & car rentals ahead f time. Thankfully it all ended up working out just fine. We were forced to wear masks on our flights which was annoying, but it is what it is. Gus was amazing the entire time. He whined once a little but then was fine. He was under the seat in front of me.

We landed a few hours after our original timing and hurriedly took a taxi to pick up our car rental. We then made our way to change our phone service from the Italian company Vodafone to T-Mobile & got our new US phone numbers. It was nice.

Fastforward to now… We’ve been in Virginia for the last 2 weeks. Completely loving & enjoying being back in the USA. Eating delicious food & drinks and going to stores that we’ve missed. I literally feel the happiest I have in almost the last 3 years. Currently living the hotel life while we out-process from the Navy for a few more days. Then the next adventure is driving up to Maine & settle down.

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